Throat Sweat


Our Throat Sweat aids in keeping the throat latch area tight and trim.  Fits snuggly and stays in place with Velcro Closure.  Safe and effective for everyday use.  The Throat Sweat is made of top of the line Polar Fleece with an outer layer of the  best Black Neoprene in the business. 

Available in black, gray, red, blue, pink, purple, forest green and navy.


Please leave a note when ordering to specify color and trim color.


*****2 inch Mini Throat Sweat********  

(quantity) (item description)      

- 7 - Black fleece with Black webbing 

- 1 - Light gray with Silver webbing

- 2 - Medium gray with Black webbing

- 3 - Dark gray with Black webbing

- 4 - Red fleece with Black webbing

- 1 - Cream fleece with Black webbing

- 1 - Baby blue fleece with Black webbing

- 1 - Magenta fleece with Black webbing

- 1 - Teal fleece with silver webbing


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