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UPDATE 6/26/2024



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Foaling season, make sure you're prepared for spring!



Why choose our foal blankets over the competitors?


We are very passionate about foal products having spent years researching and perfecting the foal blankets we offer. They are made to last years while also being affordable. The large selection of sizes were tested and perfected on our own foals to accommodate the fact that all foals vary in size. A well fitting foal blanket is a must during the cold winter months as foals cannot regulate their body temperature for the first few days.


Our liner is the best in the business, Polar Tec fleece pulls the moisture away from your horses coat to keep them dry while also locking in heat keeping them warm. Polar Tec fleece is used to line both our fleece and cordura foal blankets. We offer two options of foal blanket based on individual needs. Mid-weight is an all fleece option that uses two layers of fleece to pull moisture from the body and keep the foal warm. Heavy-weight is a cordura shell with fleece liner. This option is suggested for foals who will be outside or in bitter cold. Cordura is water resistant and locks in heat, the fleece liner will pull any moisture off of a foal. If needed for extreme cold circumstances you can layer a Mid-weight under a Heavy weight for ultimate protection on a chilled foal. If you do this keep an eye on the foals body temp so they do not overheat.


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Our mission at Supreme Equine Design is to offer Miniature horse owners high-quality supplies at a reasonable cost. Everything Supreme Equine Design stocks and custom makes is top quality and has an unconditional guarantee. We look forward to providing you the best products and customer service available!


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